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GEENIUS Inc. is a software/internet company founded by Tom and Andy Rudmik. Our mission is to fuel the creative economy by creating global knowledge networks for knowledge entrepreneurs, enterprise and education customers. The GEENIUS Knowledge Network can be viewed as the Amazon of digital content, but on "steroids". Not only will a consumer be able to purchase high valued digital learning content, packaged in its patented knowledge transfer system, but complete experiences can be created such as online coaching within online communities.

GEENIUS vision with its patented web-based technology is to help APL build a global education knowledge network.  Not only will APL offer its high valued best practices, tools and resources, it will enable teachers and other subject matter experts to collaborate and publish knowledge assets into the community marketplace either for free or for profit.  The GEENIUS platform may also be licensed by schools or school districts to deliver rich learning experiences to their students.

JW Wilson, Executive Director of the
Advanced Learning Institute

The Advanced Learning Institute

JW Wilson is the Executive Director of The Advanced Learning Institute, an organization which researches, develops and implements science-based learning programs. Mr. Wilson is also the author of the soon to be published book Cracking the Learning Code, the culmination of over twenty years of scientific research into the basis for how to accelerate the speed of learning and the rate of behavioral change.

The key finding of this research is that in each of us there is a genetically implanted Learning Code, which must be switched on before we can create long-term memory or lasting behavioral change. The research that lead to the discovery of the Learning Code has been derived from the fields of neuroscience, genetics, molecular biology, evolutionary biology, quantum physics, complexity science and chaos theory. The results have yielded groundbreaking, new information on how we learn and change behavior. JW's passion, in fact his crusade, is to bring this essential knowledge to the world. The innovative Learning Code research is now being used by organizations including the country's largest employer organization, and the group that implements leadership training for NASA.

Profound Learning Research Institute (PLRI)

PL Research Institute is an international non-profit organization with the mission of researching, developing and disseminating Future Ready Education to third world countries. PLRI and PLI work closely together in the development of breakthrough educational solutions.


  • To release the joy of learning and the brilliance resident in every child

  • To research and develop iCubed Profound LearningModel (Future Ready Education)

  • To develop a global network of school districts, schools, educators, designers and innovators, around Future Ready Education

  • To train and equip teachers around the world to be practitioners of Profound Learning,

  • training, resources and tools to implement Profound Learning (iCubed Learning) will be available online

  • teacher certification program

  • tools for tracking and reporting teacher professional development as well as student learning

  • activating innovation and creativity which is essential for future success

  • To elevate the performance of all students and preparing students to be truly FUTURE READY