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GEENIUS Enterprise empowers organizations to create a sustainable hyper-competitive advantage using knowledge networks that span employees, customers, vendors, and business partners. These knowledge networks become the drivers of business process and product innovation

Knowledge Maturity

knowledgeCaptureCommunity-based knowledge capture and sharing is the foundation for GEENIUS knowledge networking. At the core of GEENIUS communities is a flexible model of content maturity, collaborative content authoring, and content templating.

GEENIUS provides several different ways to share Knowledge. Within a community, knowledge in the form of News, Blogs, Articles, Albums, and Web sites can be shared among the community members. As knowledge matures (e.g. best practices are captured, reviewed and accepted by members) then the knowledge can be converted into Knowledge Objects (e.g. lessons) that can then be used to transfer the knowledge to other members of the community. Several smaller knowledge objects can be aggregated to form learning objects or courses. Course and other content can be aggregated to create GExperiences that provide an orchestrated user experience designed to achieve well defined outcomes

GEENIUS supports cross-community knowledge sharing where knowledge objects in one community can be published into other communities, while maintaining the original ownership and authoring rights.

Organizational Brilliance

orgBrillianceKnowledge networks empower people to capture, refine, share, and transfer knowledge. Organizational Brilliance™ is created when knowledge creation is coupled with innovation resulting in business breakthroughs and further creation and use of new knowledge.

Organizations that exhibit brilliance stand out because of their thought leadership and their ability to innovate faster then their competitors. Within these organizations, we see people learning from each other, innovation happening as people connect different bodies of knowledge, which in turn spurs greater passion for learning and innovation.

As knowledge capture, refinement, sharing, and transfer (learning) happens in a synergistic manner, new knowledge and innovation emerges resulting in what we call organizational brilliance. Organizations that can sustain this cycle of learning and innovation will command a hyper-competitive advantage keeping them ahead of their competitors.