GEENIUS Entrepreneur

GEENIUS Entrepreneur connects knowledge producers with knowledge consumers through a global knowledge network. GEENIUS provides a turnkey Internet infrastructure (authoring, publishing, community, marketplace, advertising, and support) allowing entrepreneurs to launch their own Internet knowledge-based business.

Wealth Creation Opportunity

"... the Web is now the foundation for new dynamic forms of community and the creative expression. Throw in a healthy dose of grassroots entrepreneurship and you have a potent recipe for economic revolution - a revolution that affects not just the obvious targets such as media, entertainment and software, but is increasingly sweeping across all industries and sectors." Wikinomics- Tapscott and WIlliams 2007

Thousands of entrepreneurial subject area experts, called Geenius Entrepreneurs, use GEENIUS to convert their knowledge into high valued learning content, mentoring and coaching. GEENIUS provides the transactional marketplace, similar to Amazon or eBay, where GEs turn their expertise and experience into wealth.

  1. A GEENIUS Entrepreneur (GE) establishes a subject area community, where subject matter experts publish high value content.
  2. People access the subject area community through the GEENIUS portal.
  3. People become members of communities and participate in value transactions - $$$ for knowledge + mentoring.
  4. The GE creates revenue through subscriptions, direct sales, the affiliate program and advertising.
  5. GEENIUS receives its income through a revenue share model with the GE and its partner network.

Knowledge Networking

The GEENIUS Knowledge Network is a new category of Internet business that connects knowledge producers, with knowledge consumers, through a global knowledge network. GEENIUS provides a turnkey Internet infrastructure (authoring, publishing and community) to the entrepreneur to launch their own Internet knowledge-based business.

The social network phenomena over the past few years has demonstrated the power of networking. The GEENIUS knowledge network brings people together around thousands of subject areas. Experts, authors, and really anybody passionate about knowledge, can become GEENIUS entrepreneurs and generate significant income by publishing high valued digital content into GEENIUS’ global knowledge network. Everyone else can use GEENIUS to know more, be more and do more while sharing their interests, expertise, passions and experiences with new friends and communities.

GEENIUS Provides

GEENIUS provides the complete business infrastructure for GEENIUS Entrepreneurs (GEs) to start their own online business. GEENIUS provides:

  • online subject area communities operated whose mission is to grow the number of online knowledge stores developing and selling online learning experiences and other digital content,
  • GE owned online store within the subject area communities,
  • collaborative content creation capability (open or closed),
  • online course and digital content publishing,
  • marketplace for content and other products or services,
  • world-wide marketing through the GEENIUS network of GE and community participants,and
  • business accounting to help track and manage revenue generated through GEENIUS.