Our Mission is to fuel the creative economy by creating global knowledge networks for knowledge entrepreneurs, enterprise and education customers.

GEENIUS Knowledge Networking

  • Create knowledge centric mission-driven communities
  • Collaborate to capture, refine, share and transfer knowledge
  • Publish knowledge within and across communities
  • Create "community brilliance" through best practice capture, sharing and transfer
  • Choreograph online experiences to engage users in defined processes
  • Supports and facilitates social learning
  • Patented knowledge transfer process ensures 90+% long-term knowledge retention

Social vs Knowledge Networking

Today’s social networking phenomena started with college students sharing personal information and has evolved to become a major world-wide phenomena that has fundamentally changed the structure of social interactions. We believe that knowledge networking will have a similar impact on how knowledge is created, shared and learned. GEENIUS’ knowledge networking goes beyond the sharing of information. GEENIUS communities facilitate the creation, sharing, refinement, and transfer of knowledge in community structures designed to achieve desired outcomes or mission. Examples of Geenius communities are best practice communities, learning communities, project communities, hobby communities etc. The following table compares social networking with Geenius knowledge networking.

Social Networks Geenius Knowledge Networks
  • Share photos, videos, and music
  • Share latest personal news
  • Building strong connections based on relationships
  • Discuss topics of common interest
  • Join feel good communities
  • Publish knowledge within and across communities
  • Create "community brilliance" through best practice capture, sharing and transfer
  • Choreograph and orchestrate engaging online experiences designed to achieve desired outcomes
  • Facilitate social learning that includes peer-to-peer and coach-based models
  • Apply a patented knowledge transfer process to transfer the essential knowledge into long term memory
  • Track knowledge transfer and community participation
  • Clone communities to easily replicate choreographed experiences.
  • Join knowledge-centric and mission-driven communities

Knowledge Transfer

The GEENIUS breakthrough learning process delivers a massive increase in knowledge retention well beyond the completion of the training. The key difference is GEENIUS' focus on learning "outcomes," long-term retention, and subsequent application of knowledge - rather than on learning "events". Designed by experienced educators, GEENIUS' processes have been successfully demonstrated in both academic and commercial settings.

The GEENIUS learning process results in 100 to 800% increase in retained knowledge over scenarios where the identical content is delivered by other technology-based training systems.

How do we do it?

  1. Our patented system monitors the learner's progress and adaptively tailors a learning process that is unique to each learner.

  2. Accountability, coaching, mentoring and collaboration are integrated to create a rich learning experience for the student.

  3. Our course authoring tools embody instructional design best practices, making it easy to develop effective and exciting learning experiences. These instructional design practices will improve your existing courses, when they are enhanced to support the GEENIUS learning models.


A GXperience is a self-contained sequence of activities that a user engages in to achieve a desired outcome. A GXperience allows self-direction and flexibility while imposing process sequencing when it's needed. A typical GXperience will include tasks such as study a lesson, read some articles, write a report, participate in a discussion, take a quiz, or do an assignment. Participants function in different roles, where some roles have responsibility for facilitation, coaching and mentoring.


As a user engages in a GXperience they are directed through their activities as well as having access to guidance as needed.